helps you collect, manage and integrate your data.

is a team of technical enthusiasts, including Data Scientists, Programmers and Engineers who utilise modern technologies to improve your business and bottom-line.

How can Bitcraft help?

Craft Web Apps

Bitcraft specialises in crafting beautiful web apps and online forms tailored to our client's unique requirements.

Build Reports

Trying to wrangle the data? Bitcraft can build & host custom reports which provide you with the key information you need to do your job.

Automate Workflows

Repeating the same labourious task? Need to speed up the process? Bitcraft can help automate a wide variety of tasks from data entry to document approvals.

Move Data

Whether you're pulling data from a spreadsheet, database or third-party website. Bitcraft can help you pull data from one place and push it to another.

Manage Databases

Looking to manage & backup your data in a more secure way? Bitcraft can setup & maintain a database on your behalf. Never worry about losing your data again.


With extensive hands-on experience spanning 20+ years, Bitcraft is well positioned to provide actionable advice in the fields of web, e-commerce, data and technology.


Bitcraft helped us to create an informed marketing strategy by pulling together our social media performance metrics and presenting them in a way that was insightful and easily understood. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any business that wishes to understand their data better.

Lucy Crook
Communications specialist, QUT

I have been using Bitcraft for years and can speak highly of their pragmatic approach, integrity and excellent technical knowledge. They offer great value for money and have been especially helpful with the migration of our in-house charter application onto a new platform. If you need professional I.T help with a great attitude I suggest you give them a go!

Ben Axford

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